Vegan French Marzipan - 5 ct.

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Growing up Marzipan was one of my favorites.

If you've never had or heard of marzipan it's this delicious, grainy almond fondant. Think a less nauseating, more dense, but equally decant buttercream frosting. 

Marzipan is traditionally made using refined white sugar (ew bone char) and egg whites as a liquid stabilizer. I've improved it by using cane sugar crystals and aquafaba, which is the hip term for chickpea water. You can use the water from canned chickpeas as an egg white replacer. It's my new favorite thing to play around with. I'm hoping to add nougat and macaroons to the online store soon. 


Ingredients: Almond flour*, crystallized cane sugar*, raw chocolate (raw cacao nibs*, coconut sugar*, raw cacao butter*) Aquafaba (Chickpea water)* almond essential oil*, vanilla extract

Contains: Almonds

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