How do your chocolates fit into my diet/lifestyle?

Ideally between your index and pointer finger or your mouth.

 If that’s not enough for you, all of my products are vegan, paleo,  gluten, soy, dairy, and peanut free. I use palm sugar in place of white/brown/whatever sugar. It is a low-glycemic and more mineral dense sweetener. Our bars vary between 120-175 calories a bar, and our cups are under 250 calories (so why not eat two!).

Where does your cacao come from? Is it fair trade?

My cacao comes from a mountain grove in Ecuador, unseen by prying eyes up until recently.  The trees range from 30 to 80+ years old, and have spent their entire lives in rich volcanic soil, drinking mountain spring water (we wish we could live such a luxurious life). It’s a very nutrient-dense and WILD strain of the Arriba Nacional cacao, it’s never been hybridized or exposed to lower quality cacao or harmful chemicals. It is direct trade, meaning we pay above fair-trade prices. Rightly so for such a quality product.

What is “raw cacao”?

Chocolate is made by grinding up the roasted beans of the cacao tree. Raw cacao is created by fermenting these beans in such a high quality practice, that roasting isn’t necessary. It does creates a different flavor profile than conventional chocolate bars, however there are numerous health benefits:

Higher levels of Anandamide and Phenylethylamine (PEA), the “blissed-out” and “in-love” chemicals people rave about in dark chocolate, are higher in raw chocolate.
Theobromine, a slower burning caffeine, will help give you the energy boost to make it through the rest of your day (PEA is also linked to alertness and focus).
Chocolate is the #1 source of dietary magnesium. Magnesium is linked to heart, blood, and bone health and almost everyone is deficient in it due to the Standard American Diet.
MAOI inhibitors, which are an appetite suppressant an have been linked to youthening in clinical trials (don’t expect any miracles, but we encourage you to buy a lot anyway and try for yourself)

So… There’s no milk?

Nope! My “mylk” and “white” chocolates use soaked and dehydrated sunflower seeds. Sunflower seeds are rich in Vitamins E, B1, B3, and B6; as well as copper, manganese, selenium, magnesium and folate. In short: they’re good for you, especially your heart (chocolate is too? Isn’t that funny).

I source ONLY organic and domestically grown (mostly from South Dakota) sunflower seeds. There’s been an uproar about the quality of organic products from China in the past. Plus, I strive to be green and source locally whenever possible (I really wish chocolate trees would grow in my backyard)

Why does it taste…different?

Raw chocolate’s key difference from conventional chocolate is that the processing never passes 115 F. Because of this the Maillard reaction never occurs (think caramelization). More of the natural flavor is left intact, leaving a more tannic flavor (that’s a fancy way of saying bitter and complex tasting). However, less processing leaves more of the flavonoids (anti-oxidants) and bliss chemicals for you to enjoy!

My dark and mylk chocolates are a bit more dense than “normal” chocolate, so enjoy it in your mouth a little while longer and take in all those flavors! Many chocolate makers add in cacao butter, this is what makes chocolate melt faster in your mouth, as well as creamier. While cacao butter contains many of the same healthy fats as coconut oil (we LOVE coconut oil) our diets are typically laden with too many refined fats. We’ve omitted them from our products, to pack in more raw cacao anti-oxidants in their place! My mylk and white chocolates contain our own stoneground sprouted sunflower butter, made without added oils as well. It is our goal to use minimally processed and whole foods to deliver a satisfying product to your tastebuds and body. 

That being said, don’t’ be afraid to try out our DELICIOUS white chocolate bars. They’re a healthy alternative to conventional white chocolate bars. Are free of waxes, paraffins, and other harsh chemicals and preservatives found in the average white chocolate bar. And actually aren’t really even “white”, the palm sugar we use gives it a light-brown color.