Raw Cacao. The good stuff. We start with organic, direct trade cacao from a group of growers in Peru. The arriba nacional strain has a superior aroma with a berry-like flavor with minor tart notes and a chocolate body-ody-ody and a dazzling finish. Most of that coming from Anandamide and Phenethylamine the bliss inducing chemicals naturally found in high amounts in unroasted cacao and raw chocolate. Even better, the high amount of magnesium and anti-oxidants will keep your heart healthy and make the rest of your body feel out of this world!

Palm Sugar. The Maple Syrup of the tropics. While not raw, this cooked down coconut tree sap is more mineral dense and more efficient to grow (it takes ¼ the amount of water cane sugar does). It has a GI of 35 (almost half of white sugar) and keeps you from getting the rush and crash of a normal candy bar. Making it great for kids and an afternoon pick me up!

Sunflower Seeds. Inflammatory fighting, cancer fighting, heart healing and part of an out of this world milk and white chocolate? Yes! We stoneground our own smooth sunflower butter from organic heirloom sunflower seeds! It’s a delicious alternative to inflammation causing dairy and peanuts. Most importantly, it adds a creaminess and depth of flavor to our bars and is the core of our LEGENDairy-Free Helio Cups!

Superfoods. What’re those? We pride ourselves in making a clean chocolate. You won’t find fillers, waxes, preservatives, or the allowable amount of bug parts (yes, that is an actual thing). If you can’t pronounce something or don’t know what it is, it’s probably a magically awesome SUPERFOOD! Something being touted by the industry as EXTRA high in anti-oxidants or some bizzare cure-all from another land. Mostly, we just use them for their unique flavors, textures, and cool sounding names. But sometimes we like to dump an extra scoop, pinch, or heaping into what we’re dreaming up and it comes out AMAZING and if you end up living to be 900 because you eat it everyday, that’s pretty super.






Zachary started Manifest Chocolates in 2012 when he couldnt find any good raw or vegan chocolate in Kansas City. Growing up eating the finest local chocolates (not everyday, but like, during the Holidays and stuff) his sweet tooth was aching. But not for just basic vegan chocolate or dark chocolate. Something that was healthy, yet satisfying. Gluten free, soy free, nut free and low glycemic, but decadent (and not in the lying to yourself way). Using sustainable packaging and practices, but focusing on producing an affordable product as well. 

After several test batches and working out of a now-defunct Kombucha company, he was in his first store. Over the past 3 years it has grown slowly. Focusing mainly on refining his techniques.

Currently, Manifest Chocolates is carried in KC health food stores, several Natural Grocers, and is on the verge of taking on Whole Foods (just waiting on the paperwork). As well as manifesting happiness all around the nation through online orders.